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Ticket System - Pain - 03-28-2011

I was talking with a few friends and I got the idea that a ticket system would be good. You may be asking well there's a whole bunch free ones around the net why would you want me to create that? I think having things in Mybb is much better like your Free Cpanel Hosting Mod.

If you created it.. it doesn't need to be fancy but have the following options:

Status. (Open, Closed, Escalated, On hold ect.)
Last Replier:
Date/Time Created:

Possible assigning staff option or assigning departments. For example if a user accidentally made a sales ticket instead of a support we could reassign the ticket to support. There any of the support members could reply.

I know this might take time but your mods are worth the time to wait for it to be made.

RE: Ticket System - KuJoe - 03-28-2011

I thought there was already a ticket system plugin for MyBB... if not I will look into it. Wink