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Complete? Tested?
No and no. I have it finished to the point where it is usable and would make a nice, albeit basic client management system but I have bigger plans for it so it's nowhere near complete. But I'm looking for tested to help during the closed-beta!

Ever wanted to create your own cPanel web hosting company? Well I've created a MyBB plugin that manages cPanel hosting clients. I am looking for some volunteers to help me test this before I release it though since it interacts with cPanel/WHM it has the potential to be devastating. If you are interested in helping me test this let me know! I can even provide you with a small free cPanel reseller account so you can try it out if you don't have your own.

Please only contact me if you would like to help me test this plugin by running it in a NON-PRODUCTION environment since it still has some tweaking to do. Wink

And before anybody asks, I don't want to release the plugin publicly until it's somewhat tested so consider this a closed-beta offer. Wink

If you still need people for testing I'd be glad to help Smile
Will this support paid clients?
I'll be activating the plugin here and on another site so I can test it in an actual setting.

And as of right now I have no plans of including paid hosting options but you can always use it with Labrocca's plugin that sets a certain usergroup with Paypal payments.
i can test it. I can setup a forum and run it on a closed environment
I've actually got the plugin up and running right now on here. I should be releasing a beta version shortly though.
Still got BETA Positions? I'll gladly Help as well.
0.1 Release:

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