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Does You Has?
Do you still have the MyBB connector thing for TheHostingTool that you used on LvL8?
It wasn't really a tool just some crude code hacks that created MyBB accounts with TheHostingTool. I don't know if it's still valid for the current version but I'll post what I have.
Sounds great!
In /includes/ajax.php:
Make public function create() look like the following:
PHP Code:
    public function create() { 

In /includes/class_server.php:
PHP Code:

Add above:
PHP Code:
    public function createForumuser() {
$query $db->query("SELECT * FROM `<PRE>users` WHERE `user` = '{$main->getvar['username']}'");
$db->num_rows($query) != 0) {
$userhandler = new UserDataHandler("insert");

$user = array(
"username" => $main->getvar['username'],
"password" => $main->getvar['password'],
"usergroup" => "2",
"email" => $main->getvar['email'],
"regip" => $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']
$userhandler->validate_user()) {
$user_info $userhandler->insert_user();
            else {
Edit the file locations and usergroup based on your setup. Don't forget to disable registration on your MyBB forum or the script may break.

I think there are more code edits but to be honest I don't have time to go through all of the files to find them right now. If you get any errors let me know and it should tell me what edits I'm forgetting.
Thank you!

Also, do you, by any chance, have the ESTK theme?

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