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MyCS 0.1 Release
While this has not been tested or even completed, I am releasing what I have based on multiple requests since I am unable to find time to finish this.

Based on the limited test I performed while actively creating this, I found it to work as expected. The only major issue with it is I was never able to create a nice looking template for it so the template is just a thrown together one with no formatting done to it.

If you have any question feel free to ask me and I will definitely take the time to respond. Feel free to also post any bugs or requests because if I do get some free time to work on this I will work on bug fixes and requests before all else.

Lastly, if you are a developer and wish to take over this project please let me know and I will help out in any way that I can (if you do take over this project then you must stick with the MIT Licensing or equivalent and at the very least keep my information in the \inc\plugins\mycs.php header intact).

Converted to the Expat "MIT" License.

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