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Hi guys,

Where can I download myrpg as it is?
Just uploaded it: Big Grin
hey KuJoe, thanks fot this great plugin

i need to know, what about buying and selling items, creating and joining Clans, and single or Clan fights features?

if you progress im sure it will be in top plugins of mybb Smile
I wish I had time to keep working on this. I had big plans for it (clans, maps, PVP, quests, NPCs, items, shops, crafting, spells, skills, monsters, bosses, pets, etc...) but just no time in the foreseeable future. Sad
im gonna use a rpg module, yours is awesome, but now its keeping information, as i see, no klans, no wars... Just two of this may be enough to use... monsters,bosses,pets,maps,quests may be secondary features...

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