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First of all I want to thank KuJoe for actually working on this project. I love the idea and hope you will continue to support this project for a long time! I have some suggestions though.

1: Security question: I think you should install a security question/answer for the client because that just makes the account a bit more secure. You can do this for basically everything password resets, cancellation requests or anything else to prevent people breaking into the clients account.

2. Possible integration of newpoints or point system with this mod. I will really use this option because I have a Free/P2H hosting so this will help minimize the long amount of timing we have to spend to manually do things with a point system.

3. If you do hopefully make a point system with this or integrate it with a system like newpoints. I would love to see take the funds away automatically each month and send a notification confirming to the client.

4. Domain and Subdomain. I know you already have a subdomain option but I think you should have a domain option too for those who actually have a domain.

5: Status if you have a youtube account you will notice the status of your account type of thing it shows if your account ever had a it would show the statuses. Don't know if this is the best idea but it would show the client if they are good or not. Maybe after x amount of chances and they still abuse the account some hosts policy is to terminate or kick them out.

6: Now I don't know how hard this maybe but perhaps in the future you could work on a CSF firewall module that works with this mod. My members are constantly asking to be unbanned for "login failures" perhaps you could make a version that would work and log when it unbans the user with the IP, time/date ect.

7: Password reset: I don't think you should allow direct password resets but instead put a password reset button and assuming you put a security question/answer in-place once it verifies the new generated password could be sent to the account on file.

8: Email or PM login details: I'm not sure if this already has been added but if not I think it would be better to Email or PM the login details of the user once the account has been made. And if you put in a "point" option where clients make x amount of posts or credits per month to get a free hosting it should have the "Next Posts Due By (Date):"

Thanks again!
Excellent suggestions! I can start working on these tonight. Big Grin
Awesome Smile Thanks I look forward to them.
Oh also Joe I think a cancellation button and the clients side would be best and it would be great if you could make a check box option verifying they want to cancel so they don't actually cancel the account by mistake. The check would help prevent mistakes like that. I'll edit my post when I think of more idea's.
I will be working on these tonight. Sorry for the delay.
No problem! Thanks Joe! I look forward to seeing them added.
Here's what I've worked on so far:

Maxmind integration - I've researched the MaxMind API and it looks very simple, I will work on this more when I get home.

Client notes - I started to code a quick note keeping method but then I started looking into using the built-in notes system that MyBB already has for staff to keep notes on clients. I will see which is easier and cleaner to use.

Import tool - I started working on this and have been testing out the cPanel API's listaccounts function, I just need to find out how to prevent it from importing accounts already in the system.

Domain and Subdomains - I just need to make some changes to the template and add some fields to the Admin CP to finish this up.

Multiple domains - Added but untested.

Cancellation button - Added backend code, just need to add a link in the template along with a form field for the user to enter a reason. I am going to do this similar to how I did it in TheHostingTool. The user will click a link and a text box will appear (hidden div) and then the user will enter a reason (optional), check a box, and hit a cancel button. So there are 3-4 total steps which should eliminate accidental cancellation.
Sounds great. Now is it possible to show which staff member added the notes? I guess the other way would do it is have the staff members write their name down but on the other hand.. some may forget.

I look forward to them and the Cancellation button I think it will eliminate accidental cancellation like you said and thus it would be harder for them to say they hit a single button and it terminated their account.

So great job I look forward to them Smile

PS. Don't forget to make import tool make sure it grabs the "plan" so that you don't have to self correct the clients plan.
I am going to have the notes logged (which includes the staff user ID) but I will have it include the user ID of the staff that added them if possible.

I was going to have the import tool import based on the owner since MyHosting can have multiple plans but only one owner (the WHM username).

Another problem I am running into is how to handle plugin updates, I need to find a way to update the plugin without losing the database settings and with MyBB I only have 1 option so I'm seeing if that will work or else I'll need an update.php file or something like that.
Actually, I am just going to create a new database table for the user notes, that should make it easier to impliment.
Sounds good Smile I'm erasing the ones that you said you are working on so it's easier to read.

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